MedicSpeak: Another Social Network for Health Professionals [edited]

MedicSpeak appears to be the latest in the ever-growing ranks of social networks for health professionals

MedicSpeak is a powerful networking site for Physicians, Biomedical Researchers, Medical/Biomedical Students. The objective is to enhance communication, collaborations, exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge. Keep in touch with your mentors, colleagues and students. Create clubs and invite people who share your interests.Upload videos about your lab, surgical procedures etc. Have fun!

Check out the previous posts below for a rundown of all the other networks created for a similar user base.

If I come across as unenthusiastic, it’s only because I am. With all the players in this particular field, you’d think that one or two would seek to differentiate themselves by innovating new features and promoting them proudly. Instead, each seems more and more like a carbon-copy of the last. An analogy: If I was starting up a new fast-food hamburger brand, wouldn’t you expect that I’d work hard at marketing what makes my brand different from McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s? How could I possibly hope to have my brand survive if I didn’t? Would you invest in a cola startup that didn’t have a way of showing the world that it offered something Coke and Pepsi don’t?

How to differentiate?
Great example: I learned today that RelaxDoc social network for physicians (previously mentioned here) grants its registered users free access to EBSCO’s DynaMed. How cool is that? For that reason alone, I’ll encourage clinicians I know to join RelaxDoc.
EBSCO’s Kathleen McEvoy clarifies:

Yes, DynaMed is available as a member benefit at however, DynaMed and other databases from EBSCO are subscription based resources. They are not intended to be readily available for free on the Web, or through a simple registration process. EBSCO’s agreements are designed to provide access only to users appropriately-affiliated with a given subscribing organization. In the instance of, EBSCO is currently in contact with the company to rectify this situation. We apologize for any confusion that this situation has caused.


Note to Sermo (recently selected as the official social network of the AMA): If you get your users free access to UpToDate, I’ll certainly spend a lot more time posting about Sermo.

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  2. Medicspeak seems to have some good features of the list of website mentioned for social networking. But I do not have access to some doctor websites, to compare with medicspeak as they are invitional only. Of the open websites, medicspeak is better compared to others.

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