LibWorm Booked (and other announcements)

LibWorm Booked
My copy of Phil Bradley’s How to Use Web 2.0 in Your Library arrived recently and it was loads of fun to find LibWorm in the index, mentioned on pages 36-37 and page 201.

Above: Scan from the top of page 37 (Chapter Three: Weblogs). I figure that Phil won’t mind my reproducing the image he kindly asked our permission to reproduce- but Facet or Phil should please let me know if this is a problem and I’ll take it right down.

It might make me look foolish, but I can’t really contain how (perhaps inappropriately) pleased I am that the tool Frankie and I created is mentioned in a book authored by a Web guru like Phil and published by CILIP (Facet)

Performance improvement
As LibWorm’s database grows and usage increases, we’re noticing (as you may have) that performance is slowing down and searches take longer to run. More RAM has just been installed on its server and you’ll notice that searches are now running MUCH more quickly.

Optimized code, New Features
LibWorm’s code is also being optimized to further enhance performance and will soon have new features that have already been installed on MedWorm.

But enough about us- How are YOU?
Please remember to share your thoughts on LibWorm with us! Compliments, complaints and suggestions for improvement/enhancement/features are cheerfully welcomed.

2 thoughts on “LibWorm Booked (and other announcements)

  1. Hi David,

    I would like to embed a search box for LibWorm in the new reference services blog we are developing for MPOW. I don’t suppose you have a little widget for this, do you? Or is there some easy way I could create one?