Who ARE you (smart, discerning, attractive…) people?

Last week I asked that readers take a minute to anonymously answer a single survey question because I was curious about the makeup of this blog’s readership. The survey has been up since 6/15/07 and has perhaps received votes from enough participants (154) to indicate some general trends about the readership of this blog. Here’s the breakdown of how readers who participated describe their professions:

So this would seem to indicate that the readers of this blog are mostly (120 of 154, ~78%) libraryfolk…

…and most of those libraryfolk (92 of 120, ~77%) are medical libraryfolk. This all seems reasonable and makes sense. Thank you very much to those 154 kind people who took a minute to help indulge my curiosity!

One thought on “Who ARE you (smart, discerning, attractive…) people?

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