WikiHealthCare: The Joint Commission Wiki

Yep. The Joint Commission has a Wiki. This brings the List of Medical Wikis up to a count of 50.

WikiHealthCare is The Joint Commission’s interactive forum for health care professionals. It is designed to enable and encourage discussion and collaboration among all users for the purpose of improving health care quality. While The Joint Commission provides the forum, users of the site control its content. Please see the Disclaimer for additional details.


In order to participate, you must Register. After you have registered, your own unique user page will be created. This page will include links to introductory materials and instructions on how to use the site (i.e., search for, create and/or edit site content). Please review the Policies and Guidelines before you create topics or edit existing topics on the site. You may also want to become familiar with the editing process by practicing in the Sandbox.

An announcement posted to the Joint Commission ListServ added:

One final note: For some users, the concept of “freely” participating on a website that is sponsored by The Joint Commission may create some anxiety. This is understandable, but be assured that your participation within this collaborative forum has NO impact upon your organization’s accreditation status. All users participate as individuals, not as representatives of their organization.

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