This blog is one year old

This blog’s first post was on 7/3/2006, making it one year old this week. I figure a year of blogging entitles me to just a little navel gazing.

The first thing I should do is thank the people who, in one way or another, helped push this blog along.

My sincere thanks to Michael Stephens and Meredith Farkas, whose encouragement convinced me that maybe I should have a blog and whose encouragement has never waned. They continue to answer my newbie questions with more generosity of spirit than I ever could have hoped to expect.

Thanks to Steven Cohen for being the first biblioblogger to link to this blog. Steven was also incredibly understanding when I explained why I had to miss our opportunity to go get some dinner when he was in Syracuse.

I’ve emailed Dr. Kevin Pho three times for advice about matters of bloggery. All three times, he has responded almost immediately with insightful, detailed guidance.

Through this blog I’ve gotten acquainted with medical librarians like Mary Carmen Chimato, Rachel Walden, Melissa Rethlefsen, Alexia Estabrook, Kaura Gale, and Becky Jerome. Each of these medical librarians has been spectacularly kind to me and helped advance my education. Jane Blumenthal was incredibly kind upon discovering I’d done something truly stupid.

Thanks to Randy Morin for being the person I go to when I have RSS questions.

Thanks also to Hope Leman for unfailingly letting me know every time she sees something that she thinks I might want to write about and for her unrestrained enthusiasm.

Thanks are also due to the CGH VP who gave me the go-ahead to have a blog that clearly stated who I am and where I work. Not all employers will do that, and I don’t take it for granted.

I also must thank my wife, Dr. Elizabeth J. Fowler, who decided early on that if her husband was going to be obsessed with a hobby, blogging about medical library geekery was a reasonably inexpensive and harmless choice.

Lastly, thank YOU. If you’ve stopped by the site, subscribed to the feed, left a comment or dropped me an email, thank you. This wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without you. 🙂


There have been almost 660 posts in the last 363 days, so I’ve averaged about 1.8 posts per day, more than 12 posts per week. My original goal was to post at least once per weekday, so I’m pretty pleased with this. There have been nearly 1,100 comments. Wow!

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In June, I saw a record number of over 7,000 visits to this blog.

17 thoughts on “This blog is one year old

  1. Happy blogiversary, David! I’m proud of and awed by you simultaneously 🙂

  2. Hi David,

    congratulations on your one year! You’ve got one of the best library blogs out there in the blogosphere.

  3. What we would do without you and how did we manage without you? What a magnificent resource this blog is. Hard work for the benefit of others–librarians and via them, medical people and patients. Way to go and here’s to many more years of knowledge transmission to readers who long to know as much as you do and who couldn’t possibly.

  4. Great job, David! Your posts are always so helpful, so informative. Many things you point out that I have had very little or no knowledge of, and yet so relevant to our daily work. Thanks, and thumbs up! Here’s to many more blogiversaries!

  5. Sorry I missed the party, thanks for this year and pleaaasee keep on blogging.