On Medical Librarianship Blogs

So I get to give a talk next week at the Mayo Clinic in (Rochester, MN) as a part of Mayo Libraries 2.0.

I’ve been working on my notes and I think I’ve got everything covered that I need to, but I’m wondering if perhaps you have any thoughts to share?


  • What do you think are the must-read blogs for a medical librarian? What do you get from reading them?
  • What are the most popular misconceptions about blogs?
  • What makes a good blog…good?
  • What’s the stuff that other presentations about biblioblogs sometimes miss?

Please leave comments or email me? Thanks!

10 thoughts on “On Medical Librarianship Blogs

  1. David,

    Your blog and Michelle Kraft’s are the best American medical library blogs. Though I do enjoy OMG tuna, Women’s Health News and some of the UK medlib bloggers. Trish Chatterly’s Librarians RX, Eugene Barsky’s Physioblog, and various institutional blogs are among the best health-related blogs in Canada.


  2. David,
    Congrats! Are you presenting to medical librarians only, or a mixed crowd? I’d suggest mentioning that blogs can be a good continuing ed source even when they are not focused on medlib issues, such as some of the medicine-specific ones. I might be biased, what with a women’s health blog (thanks, Dean!). πŸ˜‰ I’d also like to put in a plug for the JMLA Case Studies blog, because I’d really like to see more libs participating in a discussion there.

    For misconceptions, one is that blogs cannot be authoritative. Might talk about applying the same site evaluation strategies as for other websites.

    Will think about this some more and send you an email.

  3. Good stuff, Rachel- thanks! My understanding is that attendees will all be Mayo Libraries staff- not all necessarily degreed librarians.

  4. You may want to also mention the value of having someone monitoring blog traffic about their own library on occasion. I’ve sent more than one email to a library director to point them to a scathing commentary on their services (in case they wanted to address it, or just know in advance in case their board sees it, etc.) and found that they had no idea it existed. I know there is a facebook group about our library, so that kind of thing is good to be aware of as well.

  5. Well, someone has already mentioned The Krafty Librarian, which is one of my favorites – good practical advice that keeps you up to date, and of course yours. I will also shamelessly promote my own blog! But, its not for everyone – Bringing Health Information tothe Community http://library.med.utah.edu/blogs/BHIC/ is all about health information around health disparities issues. If people in your library work on those issues, subscribe to the blog and then forward them on the latest articles, grants, web sites, etc. It makes you look good!

  6. The medlib world is so small! David, Siobhan was one of my group partners at the most recent MBL informatics course in Woods Hole. πŸ™‚

  7. Can’t wait to meet you and thank you in person for the connections this blog has made for me.