Prometeo Network: Another Social Network for Clinicians

To provide researchers in Life Sciences and Physicians with a scientific community online, where they can be able to interact with each other.

To build a trusted and solid community where Researchers and Physicians benefit from networking, sharing knowledge and promoting scientific collaborations.

To promote the formation of subgroups based on scientific topics or nationality, to enhance benefits of our Members.

To give visibility to our Members’ work by publishing it in our website news and/or through Press Agencies.

To make the latest scientific news available to our members on our website and through our partner-site, Within3.

To organize fund-raising events to give grants and scholarships for research projects or training of researchers in Life Sciences.

To facilitate participation of our Members to conferences, supporting them financially, when possible.

To make information and resources in Life Sciences more attainable within the network.

Prometeo Network


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