Fasten your seatbelts, I hope it will be a fun ride!

As David mentioned, he’s on vacation this week. Good for him, right? But (more importantly!) what does that mean for you?

My name is Kaura Gale, I have an ALA-accredited MLIS and am the Medical Librarian at Beth Israel Medical Center in NYC, so you’re in good hands here! Well, at least hands here? I definitely try to wash them both at least twice today. Can we start with that?

Anyhoo, when David asked if anyone wanted to fill-in, I’d been browsing through my RSS’d list of 50+ medblogs, and realized that not one belonged to me. So, here’s my turn to do something for everyone else. If only for a week.

One of the many reasons I enjoy reading David’s blog is that there are mainly tech posts, and this is both an area of interest to me, as it is an area in which I must keep up. David’s well written and chosen topics have the ability to impact my everyday searching and teaching, yet I rarely get or make the time to sort though his recommendations enough to see the shiny from the background.

I’d like to rectify that this week. I’m going to start with MEDIE, and then talk about one PubMed third party tool per day. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you, and hopefully learning from your ideas and experiences with these tools and teaching/learning in general.
Please feel free to use the comments for further dialog.

You can talk to me directly at, but I’ll prolly check comments more often, so have at it!

6 thoughts on “Fasten your seatbelts, I hope it will be a fun ride!

  1. Welcome! Good luck this week–looking forward to reading while David’s taking a week off.

  2. Thanks all! Really nice to know you’re reading it. I was worried that if David went on vacation, everyone else would flee for the week, too.

    Please let me know if there are any specifics you’d like me to cover.

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