GoPubMed, GO!

David reviewed GoPubMed in March, but it has already changed so much that it bears revisiting. GoPubMed uses Gene Ontology (GO) and MeSH (when David posted, it was MeshPubMed) to search PubMed.

You really should click over and check it out. The design is deceptively simple, lovely and easy to use.

There’s not enough room for everything, so here are the highlights:

Hot Topics option:
Displays visual representations of how many articles with your concept have been published, top authors and journals, and provides a graphic of countries in which the research is being done. Notably, a disclaimer is posted that states quantity is not the same as quality.

GoPubMed option:
Lists citations clearly, beautifully. Your search term (and impressively, the main topics of the article) are unobtrusively but obviously highlighted. The icons are clear and easy to use, including an option that lets you toggle between citation and abstract view for each listing. Also gives one click options for related genes, which is great, but I’m less (read: Not) pleased with the one click option for wikipedia entries.

What I like best is that on the left hand side, both GO and MeSH relevant terms are listed first in top popularity, then in hierarchy of content, and you can click on a term to refine your search. PubMed, take note!

Advanced option:
Gives the ability to search in full text, anywhere, abstract or title, title, author or affiliation (and a few others), allowing for a lot of flexibility and focus. The simplicity of this page puts Google’s Scholar advanced search to shame.

Depending on the researcher and their topic, this is one of the few free third party tools I’d recommend.

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