A search haiku for you

I wanted to write about PubWindows today, but I simply haven’t had enough time to evaluate it properly. I’ll post about that tomorrow.

In the meantime, I want to share with you a found haiku from the ‘introduction’ section in XplorMed.


Recommended for
cases in which you do not
know exactly what
you are expecting to find.
Your interests may change
by the results obtained,
you may want to ask
new questions as analysis
develops. Also, the
results may suggest you use
additional words
that should be used to expand
your MEDLINE query
(such as, an unexpected
of a protein name, or the
synonyms of a
disease or other problem).

slightly modified to fit form; form modified to fit length!

3 thoughts on “A search haiku for you

  1. Thanks for all the search engines you informed us about. This morning I knew XplorMed and I aslo tried a little Pubwindows which also has a button to call XplorMed to respond to the query giving its abstracts. One thing that in Pubwindow when return back to the results after for example having used the dictionary it does not return to the point you left but to the top of the page and you must scrll down again to reach the point you left.
    (Mamma mia) we say here in Italy when you are overwhelmed by information: Medie,Twease, PubmedGO, XplorMed, and Pubwindow and the ovidgateway interface. Do you know, here we only know Pubmed homepage and need even assistance to use it.What I feel it may be useful also now , if you build a small tutorial to tell us about when to use a certain search engine between all the others.

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  3. The bad things about all these meta search engines that operate on PubMed/medline is that many of them are not further maintained. Martin