Just got back to NY and am starting the long process of catching up on email and reading. If you’ve written in the last week, please forgive the delay and know that I’ll get back to you in the next few days. There will be very light posting this week while I catch up both at work and at home.

Thank you to the wonderful Kaura Gale for keeping the lights on at davidrothman.net while I was away! I *will* need to take some time off the blog in coming months and would welcome email from anyone who would like to take a shot at writing a guest post (or a whole bunch of them).

Posts to expect later this week after I’m caught up: Notes on my visit to Mayo Libraries (short preview: Wow!), slides from my presentation for Mayo Libraries 2.0, multiple clumsy superlatives and metaphors which will attempt to describe how awesome Mayo’s Melissa Rethlefsen is (short preview: She’s crazy awesome), some articles of potential interest and a handful of resources online that have recently come to my attention.

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