PubViz (3rd-party PubMed/MEDLINE Tool Prototype)

From the Microarray Lab, Department of Psychiatry / Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience Institute at the University of Michigan comes PubViz, a powerfull, flexible prototype interface (built in Flash!) for MEDLINE information retrieval.

In short, PubViz is developed to provide the capability of utilizing external knowledge as well as interactive visual query functions for more efficient exploration of the Medline database. The current version has the ability to utilize protein-protein interaction data during Medline search and enable researchers to identify functionally related Medline records not retrievable in existing search engines. It can also utilize the structure relationship of different type of genetic markers including cytobands, microsatellite/STS markers, SNPs and genes derived from human genome assembly and HapMap data for deep search of genetically related Medline records. We include many visualization functions in PubViz, such as interactive PMID, MeSH, Gene views, the transition between different views, selection of node description display on network graph, as well as details of abstract and sorting/filtering functions. The combination of these novel capabilities will make PubViz a powerful tool for Medline exploration.

The site notes that PubViz currently searches only the sample corpus, but that they “plan to release full Medline search engine on 8/1/2007.”

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