TextBookFlix: Order textbook rentals online

Okay, it has a terrible name (dervied from Netflix but having nothing to do with movies), but TextBookFlix might actually work out well for some students.

I just wish I could get past the awful, awful name. It’s a book rental service that allows you order online. The “order online” and “rental” are the only things it has in common with Netflix.


2 thoughts on “TextBookFlix: Order textbook rentals online

  1. Having a look around I can’t see any detail of what you can do to the books in your possession. EG what happens if you annotate them / drop gravy on them? What sort of nick will the books you get sent be in come to that?

  2. If you look on the terms and agreement, and the FAQ’s there is info about what you can do to the textbooks. You can write in them and highlight them as long as it is not excessive. Im pretty sure they are cool with normal wear as long as the textbook is in readable condition for the next student.