MedLib Blogs (including this one) in the Medical Journal of Australia

I love seeing medical librarians/libraries mentioned in medical journals- I love seeing MedLib bloggers mentioned perhaps even more. How nice that in an article about “Web 2.0” and medicine, three MedLib bloggers are mentioned!

The effect of Web 2.0 on the future of medical practice and education: Darwikinian evolution or folksonomic revolution?
Rick McLean, Brian H Richards and Janet I Wardman
MJA 2007; 187 (3): 174-177

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Medical blogs include discussions about clinical cases, images and special clinical interest topics. Examples include Clinical Cases and Images — Blog (, Dean Guistini’s UBC Academic Search — Google Scholar Blog (, David Rothman ( (lists of medical wikis)[1], and Science Roll (

Note that, of the four blogs mentioned, two (mineIt appears that the authors believe my blog exists only to make lists of Medical Wikis. I suspect they may have gotten this idea from the AMA News article on Medical Wikis which said in part: “Rothman runs an independent blog,, where he tracks what’s going on in the world of medical wikis.” This could easily leave someone with the impression that this is all does. Regardless, I’m tickled to have this blog mentioned in the MJA. 🙂 and Dean Giustini’s) are MedLib blogs and the article’s references show three articles by MedLib blogger Eugene Barsky!

Good showing for MedLib bloggers!

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