6 thoughts on “Screen Shots of ‘Google Health’

  1. Looks ok for what it is, but I’m not sure how it would be used. Is there any output or will it be just a place to keep your medical information? I also wonder how it might be used by health care providers- would consumers print this out and bring it with them? If so, how would providers react to self created and stored records?

    Are there other sites that collect and store personal information for consumers? I can only think of flickr but that it different because the point is to store and share your photos. Your bank stores your information but on their systems and only if you do business with them. If there is no real corollary, this is an entirely new idea.

    thanks for the post, the Times article was interesting too.

  2. Hi Susan!

    I think your questions about how Google Health will work are good ones. I’m looking forward to playing with it and finding out the answers. 🙂

    Yes, there are LOTS of other sites on which users can store personal information. there are even a handful of other projects for storing personal health information.

  3. With good reason, Rachel. (I enjoyed your post on the topic, by the way.)

    I’m keeping an open mind, though. I’m resisting the urge to express concerns and doubts until I’ve had a chance to try it and read the supporting documentation

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