Curbside.MD invites the clinician user ask it questions in natural language, as if texting a question to a colleague.

Some questions are answered much better than others, but the About page notes:

“Right now, Curbside.MD revolves primarily around neurologic diseases and drugs. But there is lots of content loaded from many other specialties in medicine – and it’s growing daily. We plan to have all of medicine ready and available for searching by the end of 2007.”

It looks like this will be a resource to keep an eye on as it develops.

5 thoughts on “Curbside.MD

  1. Thanks for posting the link (and thanks for the kind words, Martin).

    I think it looks a really interesting site and will, no doubt, occupy a similar space to TRIP. Although, aside from the natural language search it feels fairly familiar. I’m looking forward to learn from their business model – as we’ve not had much success!

    I think the key for Curbside (and TRIP) is to get the search algorithm right (assuming the content is good). From experience I know that TRIP isn’t perfect (and can be awful) and I imagine the people at Curbside feel they’ve got a fair bit to learn.

    As it happens TRIP will be releasing a new upgrade to the site in September one of the major features being a massive improvement to our search algorithm, it really is good!! This should push the bar even higher.

    Onwards and upwards,


  2. To me as a no-native speaker the “natural language interface” is usually more difficult than the “normal” one.

    I’d like to know if a more structured seach interface (eg one that asks for PICO-style entries) is a) more user friendly and b) helps the search engine to produce more precise results.