More Tweaks for Google Reader

It isn’t any secret that I’m a big fan of Google Reader, but Firefox and Greasemonkey can make it even better as they tailor it precisely for your preferences and needs.

Mashable has posted a list of 50+ Google Reader Extensions & Scripts for Firefox that is worth checking out. There are several here that I use and enjoy:

Because my list of feeds and folders is large, I really like Google Reader Optimized because it makes better use of screen space than the default display. (Requires Stylish or Greasemonkey)

Smart Google Reader Subscribe is awesome. A small button in the corner of the screen notes that a page has a feed and will subscribe to that feed in your Google Reader account if you click on it. Even better, it indicates visually whether or not you’ve already subscribed to that feed in Google Reader.

I don’t use the iGoogle (formerly known as the Google Personalized home page) because I find it sort of annoying and slow. So when I click a “Subscribe with Google” link somewhere, it is also annoying and slow to have to keep specifying that I want to subscribe in Google Reader, not iGoogle. Auto add to Google Reader solved that problem- it bypasses that screen and just subscribes using Google Reader every time.

But I’m not satisfied yet. My biggest complaint with Google Reader is that I want the left panel to have adjustable width so I can see the full names of feeds and folders. Has anyone come across a solution for that problem yet?

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