Article about in RadioGraphics (previously mentioned here and here) is the topic of an article appearing in the most recent RadioGraphics:

Informatics in radiology: the free radiology resource that anyone can edit.
Radiographics. 2007 Jul-Aug;27(4):1193-200.

Recent developments in online collaborative technologies such as Wikipedia ( have demonstrated the potential usefulness of an online reference resource produced as the collective effort of many users. Although this type of resource has enjoyed success in the public arena, however, its value remains unproved in the academic community. RadiologyWiki ( was created to apply the technology and methods of collaborative authorship to create a dynamic online radiology educational resource. The World Wide Web site capitalizes on the core technology of Wikipedia, allowing individuals with little technical experience to easily create, categorize, and search for articles by using a standard Web browser. RadiologyWiki shows promise for applications in the field of radiology, although issues pertaining to copyright, peer review, and academic motivation must be overcome if it is to make a meaningful contribution in this context. Nevertheless, it is hoped that RadiologyWiki will develop into a free, simple, and rapid collaborative authorship tool for communication and education in radiology.

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If anyone would like to send me a copy of this article, I’d love to read it. Thanks! 🙂

Before I hear about it in the comments, I’ll go ahead and mention that there are a handful of other wikis focusing on radiology, including:

Are there any others that I need to add to the List of Medical Wikis?

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