Blog Day 2007

So on Blog Day, a blogger is supposed to recommend 5 blogs to his or her readers. In order to make sure I’d stop at five, I decided to restrict myself to MedLib blogs that have come into existence only since the last Blog Day.

Among the MedLib blogs that have come into existence in the last year:

  1. OMG Tuna is Kewl just started in April, and is alway worth reading. Ratcatcher, the blog’s pseudonymous author, is smart and insightful, routinely catching stuff I’d otherwise miss.
  2. Mark Rabnett’s Shelved in the W’s is off to a brilliant start. Mark makes me laugh and makes me think….and makes me jealous of the way that he writes.
  3. I’m very much enjoying Susan Mayer’s blog about consumer health information needs, Learn to Live. Susan strikes me as someone who feels that if she can do more, she should do more. If I were a patient in need of health information, that’s the sort of librarian I’d want helping me. I don’t read as much on serving consumer health information needs as I’d like, and I’m grateful that Susan’s blog can help me stay caught up on the essentials.
  4. Mark Funk impressed by becoming the first MLA President to have a blog, Only Connect!. I’m subscribed to it and looking forward to seeing what else he uses his blog to talk about.
  5. Pat Erwin’s What Interests Me has featured short, smart posts from a thoughtful and experienced medical librarian

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