History of Medicine Search Engine

It occurred to me out of nowhere in particular that a search engine for free Web resources on the History of Medicine might be awfully useful to some, so I scraped about 500 URLs from the History of the Health Sciences Section of the Medical Library Association and slapped together this History of Medicine Custom Search Engine.

Try it and let me know what you think.

If you’re interested in helping to grow or refinine this CSE, please let me know. I’d love to hand it off to someone who knows a LOT more about the History of Medicine than I do.

What other CSEs would be useful to medical libraryfok?

4 thoughts on “History of Medicine Search Engine

  1. David,

    Thank you for a great blog – wonderful information for folks in health care. I manage websites for the University of Maryland Medical System, and just started work on a few CSE’s

    I’ve built five custom search engines that can be found here:


    1. 58 Maryland Hospitals
    2. 15 Washington, D.C Hospitals
    3. 142 U.S. Medical Schools
    4. 170 U.S. News & World Report Top Hospitals
    5. 2000+ U.S. Hospitals

    All comments and suggestions are welcome.


    Ed Bennett
    Director, Web Strategy, UMMS

  2. The Indiana University Center for Bioethics (IUCB) has created a series of custom search engines on the topics of: End of life issues, Eugenics, Pandemic influenza, Stem cell research, and Transgenic agriculture. These and other research tools and guides are hosted on the Central Indiana Bioethics Portal:

    The Center is currently developing similar CSE’s for the PredictER (Predictive Health Ethics Research) portal:


    Jere Odell, PredictER Blog

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