LazyLibrary [won’t link to it- see comment from Isabelle below] searches books at, but restricts results only to books of 200 pages or less.

Ever read a book that was a few hundred pages longer than it needed to be? Yeah, so have we. Fortunately, there are authors out there that would rather have a concise and effective book than a lengthy and diluted tome, and that’s where we come in.

Welcome to the lazylibrary, where you can find books on any topic without having to worry about high page counts. If it’s over 200 pages, you won’t even see it. Read all about anything, in less time, for (usually) less money. Search away.

Gee, why not go all-out on the “lazy” theme and add another function so you can restrict the search just to books below a particular shipping weight? Sheesh. Seems like a pretty useless tool except to a handful of very lazy people looking for short works of non-fiction.

[Via Mashable]

4 thoughts on “LazyLibrary

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  2. This is what is known as “link-bait”.

    Create something outrageous enough and lots of bloggers will link to it. You gain Google search results position, and then cash in, err, I mean “monitize” later.

  3. I’m not convinced that this is designed to be linkbait (it isn’t outrageous, after all- just stupid).

    But just in case you’re right, Isabelle, I’ve removed my link from the post.