A Medical Publisher’s Unusual Prescription: Online Ads

New York Times article:

“…Reed Elsevier, which publishes more than 400 medical and scientific journals, is trying an experiment that stands this model on its head. Over the weekend it introduced a Web portal, www.OncologySTAT.com, that gives doctors free access to the latest articles from 100 of its own pricey medical journals and that plans to sell advertisements against the content.

The new site asks oncologists to register their personal information. In exchange, it gives them immediate access to the latest cancer-related articles from Elsevier journals like The Lancet and Surgical Oncology. Prices for journals can run from hundreds to thousands of dollars a year.”

Read the rest here.

Visit OncologySTAT.com

6 thoughts on “A Medical Publisher’s Unusual Prescription: Online Ads

  1. Quick look:

    Limited search capabilities. No way seen to access tables of contents in such a way as to access full text.

    In searching for “sickle cell anemia”
    I’ve already hit article returns in OncologySTAT Journal Search Results that does not contain a link to full text.
    Maybe they’re working out the bugs.

    Works in Opera (!) 😉

  2. when I click on a journal title it just takes me to: subscribe or a link to that journals website, so they are not really free are they ?

    or when I search for a subject, I get results from journals, but are these just recent relevant articles, and are they selected ?

    so is this really a full replacement for the entire journals


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