This blog is on ‘pause’

I have a new policy: Any time I’m put under general anesthesia, I’ll stop blogging for a bit.

I’m having surgery later this afternoon and expect I won’t feel much like blogging for at least a few days after- or I may take a few weeks off from blogging. Don’t really know. I’ll start blogging again…when I start blogging again.

Thanks very much for all the kind wishes and suggestions sent via comments and email- I really, really appreciate them.

Until next time,


14 thoughts on “This blog is on ‘pause’

  1. And here I was thinking a loopy David blogging could be fun. Lots of “get well soon” thoughts your way!!

  2. The first wealth is health. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, also on my health informatics program homepage.

    No rush & all best!

  3. … and of course best wishes from across the Atlantic from sunny London. Tell us soon how well everything went, David. I had my last and only full anaesthesia 55 years ago: is one still asked to count, breath, count, breath, count so that the surgeons can see when the counting gets loopy they can start cutting? Reinhard

  4. OMG, I just saw your post (was out of town all last week)! I am so sorry you have to get surgery and I hope you’ll soon be feeling better. Please do take it easy though; often when you rush your recovery, you only end up making things worse (or at least make recovery take longer). Just like being a patron at a library, being a patient in a hospital can give you a great deal of perspective, though I wish it was something a bit more minor.

    Hope you get well soon and I’ll be thinking of you.

  5. I’ve only had one inpatient stay myself, but a lot of experience as a hospital visitor. Best advice: get well and check out as soon as possible.

    Seriously, feel better soon!

  6. David – from all of your friends at CLRC…take care and get some rest. We’re all thinking of you and hope that you are better very soon.

  7. David, I hope you are recuperating quickly and will be soon feeling much better! Think of all the comments you’ll get to read once you get back to blogging.

  8. Greetings from Melbourne! I’ve been an inpatient many times, being a kidney transplant recipient. If you are in a general ward, chat to the other patients if you can. Talk to the volunteers (they might like you so much they visit regularly), watch the TV and read! Treat it as a self-rejuvenating stay. Most importantly – be cheerful!!


  9. I hope all goes well; best wishes and God speed. Going under is always scary. I remember waking up after my wisdom teeth were removed many years ago. I actually asked the surgeon if he had to stand on my chest to get a good grip. He wasn’t amused.

    We miss your eye on the developments – but take your time coming back. Too soon usually means backing up, starting over. I shared your experience with my brother who had “enjoyed” the same diagnosis — most of it needed to be deleted, but he sent his best wishes, and said it hurt like bloody h*ll.

  10. You can’t really beat ‘general anaesthesia’ as an excuse to stop blogging 🙂

    Wishing you a really speedy recovery!