Recommended Recent Blog Reading

Even after recent pruning, my feed aggregator has 550 subscriptions- so when I get behind on my reading, it takes a while to catch up. The following are items from MedLib bloggers that have caught my attention while trying to catch up:

  • In a short, good post, Susan Mayer (at Learn to Live) asks, “Who does this- or why blog?
  • At Circ and Serve, NCSU’s Mary Carmen Chimato (formerly a medical librarian) explains a very simple and powerful first step towards improving staff morale and organizational culture.
  • T. Scott again proves himself the best sort of dissenting voice with a wonderful discussion of why patrons need the library less than before, but need librarians more than ever.
  • Alexia Estabrook (the Medical Librarian Maven) had a great post the other day that I read three or four times.

Is there a common theme in these? I think so. They all display that most rare sort of intelligence: common sense.

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