PeerClip: Social Bookmarking for Physicians

From ConnectivHealth comes PeerClip, a social bookmarking tool for physicians.

From the press release:

PeerClip, a free service exclusively for physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners, allows members to add information from anywhere on the Web directly into PeerClip through a “research assistant” tool that subtly integrates in to the physician’s Web browser. As physicians add medical information to their PeerClip home page, they are provided at-a-glance information on any peer comments, ratings and keyword tags. Physicians also can add peers who have valuable perspectives into their network and track future comments and bookmarks from these members.

PeerClip’s other key feature is its ability to recommend other relevant content to each member. Essentially, PeerClip observes each member’s bookmarks and profile so that it can then recommend similar content from within the PeerClip community.

So, this sounds a lot like another “Digg for Medical Literature,” doesn’t it? Maybe it would be better to call it a “Digg/ for Medical Literature.”

Can’t wait to try it.

One thought on “PeerClip: Social Bookmarking for Physicians

  1. Shame I don’t think you’ll be able to try it David, since you need to be a physician I think, and American too, like Sermo, which obviously is not an issue for you but does kind of exclude a few potential users. Unless you want to get an American doctor’s details and use those to register, which I imagine wouldn’t be that hard (not that I would ever dream of doing, but just pointing out a weakness in the design, which I am sure some people would exploit).