What’s — developed by Enhanced Medical Decisions, Inc. — is a powerful, first-ever, online medical solution that uses “natural language” search technology, empowering users to quickly and easily find accurate information on drug interactions and reactions. covers all over-the-counter and many herbal remedies as well as prescription drugs.

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I tried the beta and thought it was neat…but I would prefer if I could just enter a list of drugs (without entering a symptom) and get a list of potential symptoms and side effects.

3 thoughts on “DoubleCheckMD

  1. David,

    You actually can enter in your list of drugs without symptoms. All you have to do is click “Check Your Drug Combinations” underneath the main enter bar and it will allow you to type them in and hit evaluate. Good to hear you thought the site is neat. We are very excited to see it in action during its beta phase.

  2. Hi David,

    Hope all is well. Just wanted to make mention that is now open in beta for all users and that we changed the language on the homepage to better communicate that users can enter only the drugs they are taking if they don’t happen to be experiencing any symptoms. Very useful feedback on your part!! Thanks!