NEJM’s “Perspective Forum”

Having already had some success with it’s “Clinical Decisions” experiment (see this post and this post), NEJM has launched another interactive feature called “Perspective Forum.”

The feature establishes a topic of discussion and provides a form in which readers can post their comments.

My initial reaction is a resounding “Meh.” Wouldn’t it be preferable to have a threaded record of the discussion so that readers can interact with each other?

2 thoughts on “NEJM’s “Perspective Forum”

  1. I have nothing substantive to add to this, except that “Resounding Meh” strikes me as a great term and I think it should be broadly adopted. I can see whole categories usefully tagged with it! A rock band! A user-reaction study! Newspaper headlines!

    All right, getting crazy. But it made me smile.

  2. Well, for a Publisher 1.0, NEJM has already done a lot – let’s see if they dare to be a Publisher 2.0
    (and we don’t want NEJM to absorb the medical forums and blogs scene)