Healia searches PubMed/Medline

Healia PubMed/Medline Search is a search engine specifically designed to help consumers find information in the PubMed/Medline dataset in a user-friendly way. Healia PubMed/Medline Search retrieves abstracts (published summaries) of journal articles.

Healia’s PubMed search (currently in beta) might be one of the best interfaces available for clinicians who don’t have the search skills to effectively search PubMed through its native interface.

Some notable features:

Automatic “AND”
By default, Healia inserts a boolean “AND” between all search terms (as Google does). While the expert searcher might find this unpleasantly limiting, it is a familiar behavior for many clinical searchers who view Google as their ideal, preferred search interface.

Healia will allow the user to sort search results by date or by relevance. I’d love to know more about how Healia’s relevance sorting works- because it appears to work well (although a search for “ulcerative colitis” probiotics sorted by relevance at Healia is quite different from the same search sorted by relevance at ReleMed).

Filters and Limits
Healia’s interface is able to refine a search with most of the same facets as PubMed’s “Limits” tabwith Healia’s “Filters,” “Advanced Search,” and “Tabs” (see screen captures below).

Healia PubMed Filters
Above: Healia Pubmed Filters

Healia Pubmed Advanced Search
Above: Healia PubMed Advanced Search

Above: Healia PubMed Tabs

Acronym Expansions and Suggested Search Terms
Healia’s Acronym Expansion and Suggested Search Terms appear to work well. I’ve previously mentioned that PubMed doesn’t map “HRT” to anything (see this PubMed search), while ReleMed successfully maps “HRT” to (hormone replacement therapy) OR (hormone replacement therapies) OR hrt OR (hormone replacement rx). Healia expands “HRT” to “hormone replacement therapy” and suggests search terms of “hormone therapy” and “estrogen replacement therapy” (see this Healia search for details).

Other features of Healia’s PubMed search are detailed here.

Also worth checking out: Healia has a search interface for NIH Clinical Trials you can try here. Details about Healia Clinical Trials Search are available here.

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  1. Thanks for the mention David. Our PubMed/Medline and clinical trials search tools are works in progress and more enhancements and features are coming. We welcome feedback from librarians and other readers about how we can improve these tools.

    The Healia Team

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