From the About Us page at OutOfPocket.com:

Did you know that health care is the only industry that sells services to consumers without openly disclosing prices? Consumers today are required to make more decisions about their own health care and as a result, transparency has become an important issue. Consumers are demanding more choices, better service and disclosure of prices


…we have launched OutOfPocket.com to help consumers look-up and compare out-of-pocket health care costs for common medical services. OutofPocket.com is a directory of true prices for health care services, and allows you, the cost-conscious consumer, to compare costs so you can effectively manage your health care dollars. The contents of the directory are contributed by consumers to share with other consumers and everyone is invited to participate — including the uninsured, and the insured.


…OutOfPocket.com is a collaborative effort by consumer champions like you. Price transparency is a powerful force that will help transform the health care industry and you have the power to influence this change. By exposing health care prices, consumers collectively may ultimately change what providers charge – and how much consumers pay.

The idea might be a good one, but there doesn’t seem to be much data for my area at the moment.

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