New Vivisimo-powered Search at MedlinePlus

Searching at MedlinePlus and other NLM sites) is now powered by Vivisimo (remember this post?).

Am I alone in feeling…underwhelmed? The faceted options on the left are nice, but I was sort of hoping for more.


4 thoughts on “New Vivisimo-powered Search at MedlinePlus

  1. I will go even further and say that the new search function is bad-bad-bad!

    Where are the nicely clustered NLM-partnered sites? The new Google like interface is not helping the users…

    Did anybody like it?

    I am going to do a detailed review of the new function and send my remarks to NLM…


  2. Eugene-

    Would you consider posting your detailed review on your blog? I’d like to see it.




  3. sure David – just have to find the time to do it – but since i am pretty disappointed with the new search function, i just have to do it…

    i will be using physio examples though – like Achilles Tendonopathy, etc…