6 “Best” Web 2.0 Health Tools

Fathom, a search engine marketing firm, pitches its expertise in healthcare marketing by producing a free report titled Check Yourself: The 6 Best Free Web 2.0 Healthcare Tools.


Short review of this report: Meh.

2 thoughts on “6 “Best” Web 2.0 Health Tools

  1. David,

    First off, let me say that I like your blog–I think it does a lot for healthcare as well as information literacy. Secondly, I’d like to thank you for the link to the health guide page and the pdf itself. I’m honored that it caught your attention and you felt compelled enough to reference it.

    But now I’m taking the bait. Your dramatically short review of my guide begs for an explanation. I understand the hip factor of being able to use the word “meh,” and of letting a feeling of indifference speak for itself. After all, sometimes indifference can’t be expressed by anything other than a shrug. But I’m curious as to why a person well-versed enough to blog about medical librarianship won’t offer a reasoned critique. You put your review in bold out there for all to see … care to elaborate?

    Best Regards,
    Paul Richlovsky

  2. Hi Paul-

    If you think I’m going for “hip,” I suspect you don’t actually read my blog. I don’t think that anyone who knows me at all would accuse me of being hip…or even attempting hipness. I’m sort of a great big dork.

    I thought the report needed to be mentioned because it is on a topic of interest to many of this blog’s readers.

    I had little to say about it because it is an opinion piece …and my opinions differ. A thorough fisking your report would probably not be of any interest to people who read my blog and wouldn’t be any fun for me to write.

    So I stand by my “meh.”