Off-Topic: Design History in Pop Culture Blog

This will probably interest libraryfolk more than medicalfolk- but if you like art and design, you might forgive me this off-topic post.

My wife, Dr. Elizabeth J. Fowler, is a professor of art and design history at Syracuse University and is currently teaching a course on 20th and 21st-Century Design. She decided she wanted to give her students extra credit for noticing works and designers they’d studied in class when encountering them in popular culture.

I pointed out that this would make great fodder for a blog that could continue to grow, semester to semester, year after year. She agreed and chose a template on

This was okay, but when I told Liz I could tweak the template to suit her preferences, she asked for a template resembling a Piet Mondrian workLiz teaches Gerrit Rietveld in this class and always compares him to his two-dimensional analogue, Piet Mondrian.

I’m pleased with how it came out with just a little tweaking:

Go check out the blog and send in an email if you see something in popular culture that needs posting. 🙂

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