More MedWorm Enhancements

I’ve been meaning to post a few notes about MedWorm for a while now.

First, my friend and LibWorm partner Frankie DolanQuick note for John Sharpe: Frankie is a woman- you may want to switch out a few pronouns. 🙂 has been blogging at Frankie Speaking Frankly and you should subscribe to its feed.

Second, registered users can now make use of MedWorm’s new subscribe-by-email feature. Writes Frankie:

It is now possible to receive updates to your favourite MedWorm medical feeds via email. First register with MedWorm by giving an email address, user name and password of your choice. Then subscribe to any of the thousands of feeds you see listed in MedWorm, by clicking on the My MedWorm chicklet next to a feed listing. Finally click on My Account to select how often you would like updates emailed to you.

Frankie has some thoughts on this feature that are worth reading.

Third, you can now discuss any item indexed by MedWorm. Writes Frankie:

It is now possible to open medical and health related discussions on MedWorm by clicking on the comment icon that appears next to every MedWorm item. You will be prompted to logon when posting comments – registering takes less than a minute and is free. All comments will appear in related discussion categories, such as by medical speciality or medical condition, which you will be able to view via the discussion links throughout MedWorm. Each discussion category is also accompanied by its own RSS feed. The link here shows all current MedWorm discussions.

Frankie rocks. Now I have to convince her to roll out some of MedWorm’s enhancements at LibWorm

One thought on “More MedWorm Enhancements

  1. Hi David – such a nice mention as always (blush). Have actually been making steps today towards a LibWorm upgrade – honest it was before I read this 😉