Who Wants a Skitch Beta Invitation?


I hadn’t realized that Skitch was a Mac-only application.

See? Yet another reason I need a Mac at home (to compliment the Ubuntu machine and the three Windows machines). If you understand the grevious nature of my Maclessness, I can only advise you to remedy it by getting me a Mac. Thank you in advance and may Steve Jobs (blessed be he) be with you always.


Anyway, the first Mac user to leave a comment on this post gets my invitation to the extremely cool-looking Skitch Beta and my envy.

11 thoughts on “Who Wants a Skitch Beta Invitation?

  1. So, David, I am working on my iMac from home (yes, at home since I only have a Windows thingie at work). So, am I the first? Do I get an invitation to Skitch Beta?

    Yes, I love my iMac!


  2. Not sure what that product is but when I was younger “skitching” meant grabbing onto the rear bumper of an unsuspecting driver’s car and having it pull you down an ice/snow covered road using your shoes as skates.

    I guess that is not it.

  3. Drat! I missed it. On my Mac.

    I’m on their waiting list though, ‘spose I’ll get it eventually.

  4. Living a dual life… PC at work, Mac at home. Left-brain, right-brain. Thankfully I have converted my two kids to lifelong Mac users. Really, maybe you could ask for one for Christmas?

  5. Unfortunately, Santa Claus doesn’t bring presents to Jewish boys, no matter how good they are. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. No, we skitched out on Long Island in the mid 70’s. The gold old days of doing stupid thing and NOT getting hurt.