Friday Fun: Books of Fury

(Not new, but new to me)

This cartoon features a Buddhist Monkey who defends his/her library from book-desecrating Ninjas. Gory (but brightly-colored) violence and bookshelf-ladder chase sequences ensue.

Not everyone’s taste- but it made me chuckle more than once.

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8 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Books of Fury

  1. Fortunately, we don’t hae to choose. 🙂

    If they made a cartoon out of Rex, I’d buy a copy.

  2. What is this “cartoon” of which you speak? Rex Libris is a graphic novel, being distributed serially. You can catch the first collection here .

  3. Mark, I’m a HUGE nerd for comics (/comix/graphic literature)and have been reading them for about 25 years. I co-authored a syllabus for an undergraduate course on comics.

    I’d love to see Rex made into an animated feature or series. 🙂

  4. I know, but so many good projects orignating from comics have stalled in pre-production. I don’t get excited about ANY projects until they’re at least in production.

    HBO was supposedly going to adapt Garth Ennis’ Preacher, but I haven’t heard anything new about that in almost a year.

    (I have a friend in Texas who will plotz when he finds out I’ve mentioned Preacher on this blog.)