Ayúdeme por favor? (Wiki en Español)

I recently discovered a health information wiki I’d like to add to the list, but my Spanish is very, very limited.

If you’re a Spanish-speaker who would be willing to gather the necessary information from this site as Barbara Braun (a native speaker of German) did for DocCheck Flexikon, I’d be most grateful.

Information needed follows:

Intended Audience/Users:
Editorial Policies:

You can see examples here.

Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Ayúdeme por favor? (Wiki en Español)

  1. Unfortunately, this wiki doesn’t include any of the elements you list. It appears to be a single person’s project (all edits are not associated with a user account but come from the same domain). There are only six live pages, two of which were created on 2005-10-27 and the remainder on 2007-02-03. The wiki is titled “Physiology”; the front page gives a general definition of the concept (“The science which studies the functioning of living things and how it is regulated.”) followed by an outline: General Physiology, Nervous System Physiology, Cardiovascular System Physiology, etc. The only live link in that outline is General Physiology, which links to another page with definitions and a sub-outline for that topic; again, only two of the sub-topics are live. Perhaps this was the beginnings of a project of an instructor or author trying to build a course or text online? Unfortunately, there’s no contact information listed anywhere I can find that would allow us to inquire.

  2. No worries, Francisco. This brings another question to mind, though: Where are the Medical Wikis in Català? 😉