Veritable Cornucopia of Custom Search Engines for Health Information

Neat! Google Operating System shows us that one can use this tool to search for Google Custom Search Engines (“CSEs”). Just by poking around for a few minutes, I found a bunch of CSEs of potential interest to medical libraryfolk. Here’s a small selection:

  • Paediatrics Search Engine

    Paediatrics Search Engine searches 35 sites, including:,,,,

  • Consumer Health Resources In Spanish

    Patient handouts and pamphlets on various health topics for Spanish speaking people
    Consumer Health Resources In Spanish searches 22 sites, including:,,,,

  • Women’s Health

    A search engine for information about women’s health issues
    Searches 4776 sites, including:,,,,

  • Evidence-based Medicine Search Engine for Healthcare Professionals

    Evidence-based Medicine Search Engine for Healthcare Professionals searches 251 sites, including:,,,,

  • Google Only For Medical Transcriptionists!

    Yes you got that right! This is Google exclusively for MTs. Search whatever fancies you – medical words, surgical equipment words, nurses’ names, doctors’ names, addresses, zip codes – you’ll find all of that here.
    Searches 246 sites, including:,,,,


    Searches 684 sites, including:,,,,

  • The Diabetes Search Engine

    Search 750+ sites about diabetes. These include: research; diabetes treatments; diabetes technology; more than 280 diabetes blogs; diabetes organizations; and more. If you have any questions about diabetes you’ll get the answers here.
    Searches 778 sites, including:,,,,

  • For health professionals (HON Search Engine)

    Verify or search HONcode accredited Web sites
    For health professionals searches 1988 sites, including:*,*,*,*,*

  • AZHealthInfo

    Arizona Health Resources from Arizona Health Sciences Library
    AZHealthInfo searches 4281 sites, including:,,,,

Does seeing these give you any ideas for a CSE you or your patrons might enjoy having? Take a stab at making one or share your idea here and see if someone else would like to build it. Google makes it easy to build them- the hard parts are coming up with the specialized need to fill and creating the list of URLs the CSE should search.

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