(Digg for Medical Literature, Part XI)

What is is a Web 2.0 Health Information Platform. The objective is to provide information about Healthcare relevant stories found around the internet. whishes to establish a social web (web 2.0) about Healthcare on different health interests groups (management, technology, public health, etc.), where there is a lot of knowledgement and big ideas but mostly of them are dispersed all around. is NOT a scientifical magazine or publication; it’s simply a self generation content platform based on news and founds on the internet related to Healthcare. is not responsible on the contents and opinions from the users that freely participate into the portal.

It’s an internet site that allows to move news that will be reviewed by all the community and rest of users and will be, or not, promoted to main page. When a user send a new or story, this will remain in a pendent queue until it gets enough votes (or prescriptions) to be moved to the home page.

Built on the Meneame platform (with what appears, given how much it looks like, to be the default template), I don’t see a lot to differentiate this offering from the others I’ve previously noted (see below).

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