PubMed Citations (Greasemonkey Script)

(If you’re not using Firefox yet, start.

If you’re using Firefox but haven’t installed Greasemonkey yet, do that now.)

Just stumbled across a neat Greasemonkey script called PubMed Citations.

This script takes each result in a PubMed search and then queries Google Scholar to get the number of times it has been cited. Then it places a link with this info next to each search result, linking to the citations in Google Scholar.

See example in image below

The author notes:

This script may stop working after a while and that’s because Google thinks you are a virus or malware and will shut you out. PubMed will still work fine, but you will stop getting citation links next to your results. If that happens, I’ve found this to work (in Firefox):

1. Go to Tools -> Options… -> Show Cookies…,
2. Find the cookie and delete it.
3. Then go to Google Scholar and try a search. You should get a screen telling you that you were blocked and to enter a sequence of letters from an image. That should do the trick.
4. Go back to PubMed and continue searching!

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