My Consumer Health CSE has been Federated

(Just for the record: My original title for this post was “I’m in Ur Feteratid Serch, Getin’ You Sum Consumr Helth Info,” but I figured that this would only amuse a handful of people and annoy everyone else. If the joke doesn’t make sense to you, check out ICanHasCheezburger.)

Back in August I was contacted by Sue Ostergren, Internet Systems Specialist at the Clarian Health Medical Library in Indianapolis.

Sue had the clever idea of of incorporating my Consumer Health and Patient Education Search Engine into her library’s Federated Search Engine (powered by WebFeat).

I didn’t think that she needed my permission, but I was delighted to give it anyway in exchange for a few screen captures of the CSE being used inside Clarian’s system. Because she rocks, Sue recently sent me those screen captures.

There are 12 resources that can be searched in Clarian’s system. In the screen capture below, “Consumer Health” (my CSE) is selected.

And below are some search results:

Thanks so much, Sue!

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2 thoughts on “My Consumer Health CSE has been Federated

  1. It’s a good job you didn’t use that cheezburger language – I love the photos, but HATE the pidgin english! And I presume that I am not in the minority!

    By the way, have been reading your blog for a few weeks now and it is very interesting – certainly very useful in my job as health care librarian in the UK.

  2. Glad to hear it, Sam! I’m hoping to get to visit the UK in the next couple of years and hope to learn more about NHS libraries.