Contribution d’un francophone (to the List of Medical Wikis)

Gaétan Kerdelhué, a medical librarian at Rouen University Hospital and author of this list of French-language medical wikis has translated entries into English so I could add them to my list. Thanks so much, Gaétan! The list of medical wikis is up to 56 entries now.

Also- Gaétan blogs here– so if you read French you’ll want to check it out. If you don’t read French, you read a version translated into English by Yahoo Pipes. Heck, you can do what I just did and subscribe to this English language version of its feed. 🙂

Below is an embedded Grazr thingamabob you can browse to preview the sort of stuff Gaétan blogs about:

2 thoughts on “Contribution d’un francophone (to the List of Medical Wikis)

  1. Thanks David!
    The translated feed is a great idea.
    The translation is not really good but it’s quite fun to read and I hope it gives an idea of what we’re blogging about.

  2. I agree that the translation is awful- but it is good enough to let a monolinguistic doofus like me get an idea what you’re writing about. 🙂