Feeling Social (and Sociable)?

You might’ve noticed if you’ve visited the site recently (instead of just reading via RSS) that each post has a series of buttons at the bottom to allow readers to quickly and easily add posts (or pages) to their account(s) on their favorite bookmarking service(s). This was accomplished by making use of a nifty WordPress plugin called Sociable. Sociable is great and allowed me to easily add buttons for del.icio.us, Connotea and StumbleUpon, but it didn’t include CiteULike or Dissect Medicine as options.It did include, however, a bajillion other options.

Thankfully, Sociable is so clearly laid out that even someone with PHP skills as meager as mine can tweak it– so I added CiteULike and Dissect Medicine buttons to my installation in minutes.

Since I’ve been thinking about 2collab lately, I decided to add a button for that, too- just to see if I could.

If you use WordPress for your blog and would like a copy of Sociable with my tweaks (buttons for CiteULike, Dissect Medicine and 2collab) added, let me know and I’ll send you a link so you can download a copy.

If you use another social bookmarking tool that you’d like to see a button for at the bottom of every post here, please let me know so I can add it.

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