“Health 2.0” on Television (Scrubs)

I’m NOT obsessed with television just because I wrote about House MD, the writers strike, and now Scrubs. I’m not. Really.

…Oh, shut up and give me the remote.

The TV show Scrubs mentioned tonight both online rating of physicians and patients who rely on health information from Wikipedia.

Dr. Cox: So you’re declining chemo because Wikipedia says that a Raw Food diet reverses the effects of Bone Cancer…? Well, hey- any info you have that I can pass on to my other patients would just be super… and by-the-by…while you’re on your computer perhaps you could jump over to a little site called rateyourdoc.org…?

…a few minutes later…

Patient: There. I gave you five stars.

Dr. Cox: Thank you! And now, I have to take your laptop from you as I’ve deemed you just too darn stupid to use it. See, those bell peppers that you’re munching? They aren’t going to do a truckload of jack against the cancer raging inside of your body. Of course, I’ve only been a doctor for some TWENTY YEARS and the person who wrote that Wikipedia entry also authored the Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide…so what the heck do I know…? But… if you feel like living? Page me.

Hah! NBC actually made a Web site for RateYourDoc.org!

And I did get a result when I searched for a Wikipedia article on Raw Food that mentioned it as a cancer treatment. See screen capture below:

Mattering only if you share my tastes in music: The soundtrack to the episode featured a track by one of my all-time favorite bands- Jump, Little Children, most of whom I met in 1992 at NCSA. If you can, get yourself copies of the Licorice Tea Demos and Buzz. Or order The Early Years. Good guys, great music. I went to see them live every chance I had.

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