Name That Disease

Okay …THIS is the last post of 2007. will rank you based on a quiz about well-known diseases. Some of the clues may just be trivia…but I still thought it was fun- and I scored “Hawkeye Pierce.” (Woohoo!)

Given that, I can’t imagine that a physician would score lower than Doogie Howser.


Thanks to my brother Andrew for the heads-up!

4 thoughts on “Name That Disease

  1. Stacy, what’s the brand of filtering software your hospital uses? I’ve got to know how a filter for “tastefulness” is built.

  2. it’s websense – here’s the text of the message –
    “Reason: The Websense category “Tasteless” is filtered.”
    yet the same computer lets people look at foot fetish and escort sites!! go figure…