Health Literacy Page at MedlinePlus

(This is the last post of 2007.  I’m not addicted to blogging.  I mean it.  I can stop any time I want!)

MedlinePlus has a new page on Health Literacy with links to lots of good stuff.

4 thoughts on “Health Literacy Page at MedlinePlus

  1. this is worse than i thought, so far you have not been able to stop for a single day 🙂 anyway this is my last comment for 2007 – so i will see (read) you in 2008!
    All the best barbara

  2. David, the first step is admitting that you have a problem. 😉 As for me, I actually spent 3 days in a cabin with no computer, no internet, and no cell service.

  3. Hey, I ended up going several days (about 1.5 weeks?) without blogging.

    And that’s WITHOUT having been under general anesthesia!

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