Favorite RSS Resources and Tools

[Updated: 8/28/2008]

(My emphasis here is on free and low-cost resources)

Explaining RSS

Resources to help you choose a feed aggregator

RSS Plugins for Outlook

(2003 or earlier- Outlook 2007 has a feed aggregator built-in)

Google Reader Tips and Plug-ins

RSS-to-Email tools

Publishing RSS content on Web Pages

Web-Based RSS-to-Web-Page tools
Hosted RSS-to-Web-Page Tools

Feed mashing and filtering tools

Creating feeds for pages that don’t offer them

Sometimes called “scraping”

Creating feeds from PubMed

Creating feeds from LibWorm (/MedWorm)

Although structured slightly differently, MedWorm and LibWorm have similar interfaces and identical search operators.
LibWorm FAQ
LibWorm-Fu for Beginners
Intermediate/Advanced LibWorm-Fu (Power Searching)

Okay, your turn: What good stuff did I miss?

8 thoughts on “Favorite RSS Resources and Tools

  1. Thanks, Mark! I’m aware of RollSense, but haven’t played with it much- I’ll need to do that now.

    If I were to use it, I’d want to create a separate OPML, not just output my subscriptions from Google Reader…

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  3. Aw, man. I left Grazr out? That’s a really nice one, too. Thanks, Steve. I’ll add it now.