MedLib Blog Readers Survey: Preliminary Results

Marcus Banks has closed and posted the results of his survey (previously mentioned here) for “librarians who read blogs that are written by health sciences librarians and targeted to other professionals.”

Check out the results here.

I loved seeing the results of Question 5:

5. How do you follow blogs?: 256 responses (1o people skipped this question)

A. Bookmark/check periodically: 61/256 (23.8% of 256)
B. Subscribe via RSS: 188/256 (73.4% of 256)
C. Subscribe via email: 7/256 (2.7% of 256)

So glad to see that so many are sensibly using RSS. 🙂

Also interesting:

6. Of the choices below, what BEST describes the reason you read blogs?: 243 responses (23 people skipped this question)

A. Current awareness about new technologies and tools: 185/243 (76.1% of 243)
B. Source of discussion and debate: 39/243 (16% of 243)
C. Tips on what to read in the professional literature: 13/243 (5.3 % of 243)
D. To increase professional connections: 6/243 (2.5% of 243)
E. Other (please specify): 40 comments. As always, making comments depended upon selecting one of the options provided.

This is exciting:

7. How often do you attempt to incorporate what you read about in librarian blogs in your work?: 261 responses (5 people skipped this question)

A. Very infrequently: 23/261 (8.8% of 261)
B. Somewhat infrequently: 55/261 (21.1% of 261)
C. Somewhat frequently: 110/261 (42.1% of 261)
D. Frequently: 61/261 (23.4% of 261)
E. Very frequently: 12/261 (4.6% of 261)

So…this would seem to indicate that more than 70% of medical librarians who read medlib blogs “frequently” attempt to incorporate what they learn from blogs into their work! Wow!

Can’t wait to hear more about Marcus’ paper.

2 thoughts on “MedLib Blog Readers Survey: Preliminary Results

  1. This is very good news David, to see that so many medical librarians are now using RSS – and, I have to say, I am sure it is in part largely down to your own personal campaign to get librarians everywhere using it to keep up to date – now all we need is for you guys to encourage other medical professionals to follow your great lead and the world will be a much better place 🙂

  2. Hey Frankie. 🙂

    Keep in mind that this doesn’t tell us that most medical librarians use RSS, but that most librarians who read blogs use RSS.

    Last Friday I created another RSS addict by helping a manager set up an aggregator for her professional interests and current awareness. It’ll spread, Frankie- give us time. 🙂