More on wikis for health librarians

Go and read:

Introducing Web 2.0: wikis for health librarians
Eugene Barsky and Dean Giustini
Journal of the Canadian Health Libraries Association
Volume 28, Number 4, Fall 2007
ISSN 1708-6892

It is good, but I thought a good compliment to an article titled “wikis for health librarians” might be to make note of a number of other wikis for health librarians:

Examples of wikis being used by health librarians:

Embedded slideshow above. If you’re reading this in an aggregator that doesn’t display it, you’ll need to visit the site to see the slideshow.

I suspect there are more. Leave a comment and let me know what sites should be added to this list?

4 thoughts on “More on wikis for health librarians

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  2. Hi, David,
    I’m building a wiki at to gather evidence-based practice resources for our medical and nursing staff. So far it’s being built by a collaboration of one, but I hope that the nurse educators will see the value and possibly consider adding content at some point.

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