Your Opinion Please: Link Posts

For about a week, I’ve had set up to create daily posts on this blog to point out things I’ve found interesting but don’t have time to write about individually.

What do you think? Are these good? Helpful? Welcome? Should I keep this set-up?

I’d be grateful to hear any opinions you care to share.



16 thoughts on “Your Opinion Please: Link Posts

  1. I think it’s cool. I’m not likely to review someone else’s Reader, but I do (obviously!) look at things that come up in mine, and if a link looks interesting, I can check it out.

  2. I think they are great, I very found of these short short tips and think they blended with your ordinary post makes this a great blog

  3. I’d rather subscribe to your feed. Thus, I’ll read your blog when I want to read and browse your links when I want to browse.

  4. Definitely helpful, although the DICOM links were brief traumatic reminders of my PACS course 😉

  5. For me it is the same. You are already in my delicious network. If you keep them showing here I’l have to kick you out of my network. 😉
    I think posting those links on your blog will be a good idea for people who are not following your delicious account. Sharing it with Google Reader? Mmm, I did not like the feature (in GR) and anyway I switched to FeedDemon/Newsgator since it is free…

  6. Not a big fan-but that has more to do with disliking the format than disliking the content. Just a personal thing. I do read what you share via Google Reader.

  7. So far, that’s:
    3 In favor
    3 Against

    However, two of those “against” prefer that I share via Google Reader- and that’s just not going to happen. I frequently want to bookmark things that I don’t come across via Google Reader.

    So I’ll call it:

    3 In favor
    1.5 Against

    More opinions?

  8. Honestly, when these started showing up, it was almost enough to make me unsubscribe. That’s how much I dislike such posts from anybody. I did this for a while on my own blog and then quickly realized after seeing it on so many other blogs, how much I disliked it.

  9. I like your recommedations.
    If posting them to your blog is too much hassle, Iäd be happy to receive the RSS of your delicious

  10. Against, I hardly look at them in my reader. Your explanation and opinion is what most readers are looking for, if they just want your links they can follow you directly on
    Regards Dr Shock

  11. I’d make a second RSS feed that merged your feed with your blog feed if you want to continue distributing links.

  12. That 6 in favor and 5 against. Pretty evenly split. I’ll keep thinking about it.

    Here’s the thing: If I know the links are being posted on the blog, I bookmark quite differently in If stop posting them to the blog, they’ll stop being public in because I’ll just bookmark them for myself to blog about if/when I have time.