A Richer GoldMiner with BioMed Central

I’ve posted about GoldMiner a couple of times previously– it is an image search engine created by the ARRS, who describe it on Goldminer’s About page:

ARRS GoldMiner™ provides instant access to images published in selected peer-reviewed radiology journals. This new, web-based system allows viewers to search for images by findings, anatomy, imaging technique, and patient age and sex.

…ARRS GoldMiner™ understands medical vocabulary. It uses sophisticated techniques from the U.S. National Library of Medicine (part of NIH) to discover medical concepts in free-text figure captions, and uses that information to quickly retrieve relevant images. GoldMiner incorporates standardized vocabularies, such as the Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) terms, which are used to index the medical literature in MEDLINE and PubMed.

ARRS GoldMiner™ recognizes abbreviations, synonyms, and kinds of diseases. Not only does it know that “renal calculi” and “kidney stones” mean the same thing, it knows that renal calculi are a type of kidney disease.

GoldMiner searches by both concepts and keywords. As a result, searches for “renal calculi” and “kidney stones” won’t find exactly the same entries. If a figure caption says “stones are seen in the kidney”, the words “stones” and “kidney” will be indexed, but not necessarily the concept of kidney stones / renal calculi.

GoldMiner’s interface is clear and pleasant to use, the filters are useful, the layout of search results is clean with a thumbnail and some adjacent text for each returned result. It’s is a great example of a specialized search engineSome like to call these “vertical search engines” and Web geeks sometimes refer to a site that serves a specialized subject need (not necessarily a search engine) as a “vortal” (from “vertical [industry] portal”)- don’t let the jargon throw you. that has only improved since I first checked it out just over a year ago. Now it is about to improve again.

According to this item at Medical News Today (Article? Press Release?):

The American Roentgen Ray Society has recently partnered with BioMed Central to add more journals and images to GoldMiner(TM), the ARRS radiology search engine.

BioMed Central, a free database of peer-reviewed scientific articles has contributed over 170 journals, adding over 4,200 images to the GoldMiner™ collection raising the collection to over 170,000 images and over 225 journals.

SO cool. Give it a try and consider showing it to some of your friends in radiology.

Thanks to Pat Erwin for the heads-up!

3 thoughts on “A Richer GoldMiner with BioMed Central

  1. Cross my heart – I didn’t get the GoldMiner idea from you…and we posted the same news about it, on the same date. How weird is that!?

  2. No worries, Creaky. 🙂

    Not all that weird. We have similar interests and you have a handful of times posted about something that I was *going to post about* until I saw you beat me to it. This is a GOOD thing!!

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